We have many service areas to help whether you're looking for a job or looking to hire.


Southern Point excels at finding temporary and short-term employees to fit your business needs. If one of your full-time employees is out with an illness or vacation time has left you short-staffed, SPS can help.

Temporary to Permanent

Many of our clients have chosen this option as a way to find their top employees. We offer a standard 90 day period of employment, after which the client has the option of hiring the employee on full-time, or allowing us to find someone more suited to their business needs.

Direct Hire

Recruiting. Reviewing applications. Interviews. Paperwork. Who has time for it all?!? We do. Southern Point takes care of these critical and time-sensitive tasks so that you don’t have to. Tell us what you are looking for in your employees and we will help you find them.

Payroll Services

Southern Point eliminates the cost and time commitment associated with payroll services. All employees hired through SPS are paid weekly – you give us a pay rate, we take care of the rest. We also cover each employee’s Worker’s Compensation Insurance, W4 and I9 paperwork, direct deposits, paystubs, and much more.

Background Checks

Southern Point has the capability to check employee backgrounds on local, state, and federal levels using a wide range of procedures and databases. From MVR and Driving Records to Multi-Jurisdictional Criminal Background checks, we make sure the employees we hire meet your business’ standards.

Pre-Screening Process

At our clients request, we provide thorough drug screening and analysis in-house. Unlike other companies who charge as much as $150 per drug test for potential employees, our service is provided to our client free of charge.

Need a Job?

No problem! We have jobs come available all of the time. Just follow the link below and fill out the application. We'll keep it on file and let you know when the right job comes along.

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