Build a Team

Southern Point Staffing offers a variety of competitive staffing services. Come to us for…

Direct hire

Save time on recruiting and focus more on running your business. Our team will review applications, conduct interviews, and finish all necessary paperwork to find you the best applicant for your open position. 

Temporary to permanent staffing

We offer a 90-day probationary period of employment. At the end of this period, you can decide to hire the employee full-time, or ask us to find another candidate.

Temporary staffing

We help companies find temporary and short-term employees to fill open positions. Whether you have a sick employee or someone out on leave, we can help you fill the gap.

Payroll services

You simply give us a pay rate and we’ll take care of the rest. SPS also covers each employee’s Workers Compensation Insurance, W4 and I9 paperwork, direct deposits, paystubs, and more.

Build a Team

We understand how overwhelming it can be to find the right team members for your business. We strive to keep the process as easy as possible for you, starting with getting all of your questions answered.

Great company, great mission, and great leadership!”

Tim Brock

They are very good about finding you somewhere to work and call back immediately.”

Geronda Hicks

No matter what your staffing needs may be, our team can handle them professionally, quickly, and efficiently so you can focus on getting back to work.